Ingunn Viste is a Norwegian artist living in France. She is dedicated to poetic photography where her main goal is to capture and reflect the moods and atmospheres that she experiences in the surroundings. She grew up in the north of Norway where light and darkness have a big influence on the society — long dark winter days with northern lights and bright summer nights with midnight sun. The contrasts between light and dark are often represented in her black and white pictures where she unites them in a relation independent of seasons. She calls her works aesthetic moments.

She started with an education in visual arts, and supplemented this with a master’s degree in art history reflecting on the concept of art. In her quest for how creativity and art affect humans, she also studied Change Management with special focus on Otto Scharmer’s Theory U and Joseph Beuys’ idea “Social Sculpture”. She believes that art has an amazing power to create dialogue and sustainability in our societies.

This blog is about aesthetic moments of thinking, speaking and listening in the process with others. As Beuys said “Every human being is an artist”, and the purpose is to capture some fragments of the shaping of our life and the world around us





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